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TITO - Ticket in Ticket Out, Slot Toppers, Stands and Add-on Accessories > Slot Toppers.Hooking up a IGT topper on an S+ machine. I am looking at a meanwell dual power supply RD-125-1224 one side is 12vdc rated at 3.7a and the other side is 24vdc rated at 3.7a From what I have read the leds...

We service and repair all types of slot machines. Mills, Jennings, Bally EM, 1000/2000 series, Proslot, 6000. IGT M, M+ ,S, S+, S-2000, I-Game, Universal, Video Poker, Sigma, Bally Alpha's , Williams-550, DOTS, BBU I don't have a WEB SITE, HOWEVER, I have hundreds of parts and reel strips and glass. If you need something, call or send me a pm. PE+ Slant Top Video Poker Machine - News: It wasn't hooked up to anything but it has terminals to hook four wires up to each side of it. I took it out being it wasn't hooked up to anything. Also when I was picking it up the guy took out the cash box there were a bunch of old 1's, a couple old 5's, and an old 20 in there so I'm thinking it must accept 1's on up. The coin comparator is a ... n00b needs help with IGT Joker Wild Poker Model IA70CF - News: The majority of my experience with PE+ machines is with the bartop models I own, but I would presume that yours is missing the door to secure the cash can, as pictured in my Reply #27 above. The point of that door in a casino environment is to give a main door key to slot attendants to have access to refill the hopper, clear coin jams, etc ... I bought a new toy! Well... an old F2 actually. GENERAL help/info

2014-3-21 · 1) The cash box door sensor has the wires shorted together fooling the switch. T 2) The behind the bottom glass switch has proven to be functional with an ohm-meter and also the button is depressed with the glass door closed. 3) I marked the main door optical sensor with a marking and they do line up perfectly.

2019-3-31 · Make sure to cash out or play out any credits, then try pressing the white Self Test button inside the machine to access the various options. All S, PE, S+ and PE+ machines use the same key, and you can find them on Ebay if you did not get one with the machine. ... Slots, 21** Gaming machines » IGT PE and PE Plus Poker Games » IGT Double ... Help a newbie? IGT S+ troubleshooting question.....

2019-4-28 · IGT S+ Balloon Bars - trouble setting up options << < (6/10) > >> shortrackskater: Yes you have to go back into that option to change it to "convert to credit" mode - you have to use the set chip again. Otherwise it will just cash out each time. therockinelvis: This should work for you. •With the machine turned on and in idle mode, open the

If your IGT S+ reel slot machine is displaying an error code in the Winner Paid window, please see the following link for a list of common S+ error (tilt) codes, along with the steps needed to resolve the error New Slot Owner with IGT+ Where to get what I need? |…

2019-5-14 · Help with disconnected wire ends on S+ machine. Started by Jules. 12 Replies 3200 Views March 01, 2015, 07:39:25 PM by **Reel Slots** Gaming Machines » IGT S and S-plus Reel Games (Moderators: slots4home, Shaggy) ... please use the "make a donation" button.

S2000 Coin In Jam and Door M Error Exhausted - News:

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how to test cash can optics or can you by pass them on IGT 2017-8-19 · Buy-Sale-Repair-Restore old slot machines. I have parts for older mechanical slots, and also Bally E series, and others of this period and newer. you should be able to pull out the cash can and the unit will begin cycling. it will cycle for several seconds then stop. ... IGT M, M+ ,S, S+, S-2000, I-Game, Universal, Video Poker, Sigma, Bally ... Help a newbie? IGT S+ troubleshooting question..... 2018-1-15 · Or your machine may use an optic sensor for the cash can security, the optic sensor tx is on one side of the cash can, the optic receiver is on the other side. I think S+ machines always had some kind of security sensing on the cash can, to make sure it … HELP! I have an IGT S+ 2 coin Sizzling 7 NEWBIE 2018-2-19 · I have an IGT S+ 2 coin Sizzling 7 NEWBIE Home; Forum; Help; Game Info; Access levels Please take the time to fill out all of your profile information. ... New Life Games LLC » **Reel Slots** Gaming Machines » IGT S and S-plus Reel Games (Moderators: slots4home, Shaggy) » HELP! I have an IGT S+ 2 coin Sizzling 7 NEWBIE ; NLG Site ... IGT S vs S+? - News: